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Un · Jour · dans · Ma · Vie

(Belated) First Post!

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10:00 AM: I wake up; first thing I do is drink coffee and dress my Poupee!

11:00 AM: I start getting dressed and curl my hair for the day's lolita meetup.

Trio on Rock
12:00 PM: I arrive in Waikiki, and hang out with the early birds.

1:00 PM: I buy myself some delicious banana and chocolate corones from Satura Cakes pastry shop <3.

Group Shot
2:00 PM: By now all the other girls have arrived. We walk around and take photos.

Me & Bunny
3:00 PM: We go to sing karaoke, eat lots of snacks and decorate marshmellow bunnies.

GS Studio
4:00 PM: The gang having fun.

Group Shot Indoors
5:00 PM: Group shot in the lobby of the karaoke place!

6:00 PM: Still at GS studio, being goofy.

John & Me
7:00 PM: And everyone continues singing...

Me & Rozz
8:00 PM: Then we go to eat yakiniku across the street at Gyukaku!

Outside of GS
9:00 PM: After dinner we linger and take a few more pictures...

The Girls
10:00 PM: I rush home, change, and meet my non-lolita friends for some clubbing.

Me, Jolene & Chi
11:00 PM: I run into Jolene and Chi (who was at the lolita meetup earlier)!

Me & Dave
12:00 AM: Dancing and drinking the night away...

Outside of E&O
1:00 AM: Smoke break.

2:00 AM: Back at home, ready to go to bed with my cat (=^.^=)/. The End!

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On April 6th, 2008 12:56 pm (UTC), la_mome_neant commented:
nice post :)
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