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unjourdansmavie's Journal

Un Jour dans Ma Vie
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All Members , Moderated
A picture journey through one day of a lolita's life...

Community Rules:

♥~ All posts must contain a substantial portion of your day in lolita clothing, as this is the main theme of the community. But that said, as long as you are in lolita, nearly anything goes! Show us pics of yourself bowling in brand or pigging out in your nice homemade dresses!

♥~ One teaser photo is allowed outside of a cut, 500x500 pixels max in width and height. All other pictures must be under a cut.

♥~ All posts must contain more than five photos, but less than 50. Picture taking begins the hour that you wake up, and ends the hour that you go to bed. Try to take at least one photo per hour of your day.

♥~ Please time check your photos. This means that you must label the time that each picture was taken at (you don't always need to put a specific time, I.E. "3:35 P.M" but at least say things like, "around 3" or "at noon").

♥~ Please only post photos from a single day per entry. If you have many days worth of outfits and fun to share, please space them out in seperate entries.

♥~ Exercise common sense in your posts, and make them PG-13 (for the sake of good taste and underage lolitas). Do not post photos of anything illegal, or of you and your friends engaging in illegal activity. No underage lolita drinking, or lolita's on a shop-lifting spree, etc. please.

♥~ Constructive criticism is allowed, but please do not be malicious. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

♥~ Posts containing ONLY your outfit of the day, questions, advertisements for other websites, or attempts to buy and sell are not allowed and will be deleted. There are plenty of other communities for those purposes.

♥~ Last but not least, please post your own photos. This means either photos you have taken, or photos that you have permission by the photographer to use. Thank you and have fun!

Post any questions to the moderators here: Question Page